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evde enjeksiyon

Injection Service

Injections can be made in a variety of ways; The most used ways are:


  • Subcutaneous

  • Muscle So Intramuscular

  • Intravenous

evde dikiş alma

Stitching Service

When suitable conditions exist for the removal of sutures after the surgery, the sutures are removed in a sterile environment with the help of surgical instruments under sterile conditions.

evde kan alma

Blood Collection Service

We ensure that the laboratory tests requested by the physician's decision are taken and transferred at your home and in our institution under appropriate conditions.

Dressing Service

evde pansuman

Dressing means wound treatment in general. your wounds from germs It is a washing and covering process for cleaning and protecting. In order for the wound healing to be good, fast and without scarring, the area should be free of dead tissues and from microorganisms must be cleaned and protected from the harmful effects of the external environment.

evde serum tedavisi

Serum Treatment Service

It is the process of administering the serum/drug applications needed for the treatment of the diagnosed disease directly into the vein via an intravenous (IV) catheter.

Our Home Nursing Service is with you...

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